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grand_normal6.jpg (21245 bytes)    Stayed at Monument campground, named for the 50 ft rock formation at the center of the picture.

grand_normal7.jpg (28788 bytes)    Hiked along the Canyon Plateau, which is 2200 ft below the canyon rim.

grand_normal8.jpg (26289 bytes)

grand_normal9.jpg (26297 bytes)        Some of the vegetation that was found in abundance on the plateau.  Knee-high and sharp.

grand_normal10.jpg (40730 bytes)

grand_normal11.jpg (50115 bytes)    An example of scenery too big for just one picture.  I would have pulled it off except for the moving clouds.

grand_wide5.jpg (38488 bytes)    The stalk is part of a Century Plant, which lives for 100 years, then sends out the stalk and dies.  It is 6 ft tall.

grand_wide6.jpg (41689 bytes)    Lunch time and a rousing game of Hit-the-Rock-with-your-Water-Bottle.

grand_wide7.jpg (51802 bytes)