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Camp Sabbattis

    Each year, Troop 104 spends its summer at Sabbattis Adventure Camp.  Located in the pristine wilderness of the New York Adirondacks, Camp Sabbattis presents scouts with the opportunity to spend a week learning and developing such essential skills as setting up tents and camping areas, cooking their own meals, and maintaining the cleanliness of the cooking, eating, and tenting areas.  Scouts also learn saw and axe use as well as learning fire building skills.  The campsite is run and maintained by the scouts, and with this they learn responsibility.  Merit badge classes are offered during the day, while camp-wide activities are offered during the nights, ranging from carnival games to scavenger hunts to a Paul Bunyon Field Day.

This year, Troop 104 had a very successful week at camp, earning the cleanest campsite award with a , *ahem*, perfect score.  Also, all of the scouts returned with at least one merit badge.  Though I had meant to take pictures throughout the week, I only broke out the camera on Friday.  Oh well.  The pictures that turned out well I have posted below.  If any one else took pictures during camp (and I know that many of you did), I would really appreciate it if you let me know so that I could post additional pics here!


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